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    GRIPPR PRO™ | Stronger wrists and forearms easily and quickly

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    Strengthens muscles
    This wrist exerciser is designed to improve strength and speed in your wrists, fingers and forearms. This is perfect for athletes, musicians, rock climbers, golfers and tennis players.

    Adjustable design
    Perform normal and reverse wrist tilts with adjustable stability pads.

    Quality and wearing comfort
    This wrist strengthening exerciser is made with carbon steel springs and 10mm thick foam stabilization pads for added comfort and cushioning.

    Portable and lightweight
    The compact size makes it easy to take with you on walks, to the gym, to the office or at home. Multifunctional:
    This hand and forearm trainer offers maximum safety and comfort for your forearms and wrists.

    GRIPPR PRO™ | Stronger wrists and forearms easily and quickly

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