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    G-WAKE Light™ | Multifunctional mood lamp and wireless charger

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    Do you ever have trouble
    waking up?

    Or do you just want to fall asleep relaxed?
    The wake-up light is specially designed to create a healthy sleep rhythm. Finally no more waking up tired. The Wake-up Light helps you to relax, sleep well and wake up energized. With the alarm clock function, the light gradually gets stronger before your wake-up time; you wake up in a natural way.

    A good start to your day!

    Light has a lot of influence on important processes in our body. It affects our performance and energy level. By waking up with the Wake-up Light alarm clock, you support the biological day and night rhythm. You wake up naturally rested. The sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually over 10 to 60 minutes, with the light intensity increasing to 100%. This makes your day start fit and energetic!

    Helps you fall asleep more easily

    Thanks to the sunset function, a sunset is simulated so that your body realizes that it is time to go to sleep. As a result, you will suffer much less from bad sleep. No more worrying or a restless feeling when falling asleep. Thanks to the handy timer you can let the sunset last from 10 to 120 minutes.

    • Multifunctional wireless charger and mood lamp - it is not only a mood lamp, but also can 15W fast wireless charging, Bluetooth speaker, music rhythm, sleep lamp, sunrise wake-up lamp, mood lamp, bedside lamp, dazzling light effect, clock, alarm clock, etc. You can use this multifunctional use lamp while working, studying, reading and sleeping.
    • Dimmable mood light - click the lamp button to switch between 10 light color modes (solid color, two-color racehorse, three-color racehorse and seven-color racehorse). The other 256 positions and 16 million light colors can be set via the linked APP. The brightness of the light can be adjusted steplessly and the light gradually becomes bright or dark. Meet your lighting needs in any scene.
    • 15W Fast Charger - With a 15W fast wireless charger, the charging speed of this bedroom lamp is much faster than you can imagine. You can use this lamp anywhere you need to charge your mobile phone, iPad, etc., such as the bedside table, bedroom, living room, home and office. This is really practical.
    • Handy app - The lamp works with an app. Scan the QR code accompanying the product photos or look it up in the Apple or Play store under the name "HappyLighting-Life with smart".

    • Size: 22.5cm X 8.2cm X 24cm
    • USB cable is included
    • Manual included


        G-WAKE Light™ | Multifunctional mood lamp and wireless charger

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