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    FlashFlux™ Sensor Induction Headlamp | 1+1 FREE

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    We provide the light so that you can concentrate on your work.

    ✔️ Enjoy wide area illumination without having to move your head for excellent vision even in the dark.

    ✔️ Made of soft material and an adjustable strap that makes it comfortable for everyone to wear.

    ✔️ You can choose from 5 different light modes , and it is easy to operate. You can turn it on and off by waving your hand when you turn on the motion sensor.

    ✔️ Never unexpectedly run out of battery thanks to the battery indicator light. The lamp is easy to charge via a USB port.

    The ultimate all-in-one headlamp

    Are you looking for a headlamp that supports you perfectly during all kinds of activities such as running, construction work, home jobs and adventures?

    The FlashFlux™ LED Sensor Headlamp is the new standard in high performance rechargeable headlamps. It is perfect for all kinds of activities such as running, construction, home repairs and adventures. We provide the light so that you can concentrate on your work.

    With a wide field of view, the headlamp illuminates more than what your eyes see, so you have no blind spots. The strength of the LED is 350 lumens and can illuminate 50 square meters without any problems.

    Ideal for camping, fishing, caving, climbing, mountaineering, hunting, car repair, DIY or emergency situations.

    Always the right light mode with the 5 adjustable options

    This headlamp is powered by two powerful LEDs: a COB front LED and an XPE side beam. This provides a bright light that reaches up to 152.4 meters. The side beam is perfect if you don't want to dazzle others in your path. The headlamp charges quickly with a USB Type-C cable, and the battery is fully charged in just 90 minutes. The battery life is as follows:

    3 hours. COB 100% at 350 Lumens
    5 hours. COB 40% at 150 Lumens
    4 hours. XPE 100% at 150 Lumens
    8 o'clock. XPE 40% at 60 Lumens
    8 o'clock. Strobe function

    Soft and adjustable headband for comfortable and focused light

    The flashlight is comfortable to wear because the material it is made of is soft and the strap at the back is adjustable. As a result, it fits any head size and will not pinch or chafe.

    In addition, the flashlight is so light that you will hardly feel it when you carry it, even if you need it all day.

    This makes it ideal for outdoor activities or for tasks where you need to have both hands free.


    FlashFlux™ Sensor Induction Headlamp | 1+1 FREE

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