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    EasyCutter™ | Cut fruit and vegetables quickly and easily

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    Easily cut your fruit and vegetables!

    Do you always spend so much time cutting your fruit or vegetables? Or do you even hate cooking? Then the EasyCutter™ is the solution for you!

    Save a lot of time with our electric EasyCutter™! You can use it to cut your fruit and vegetables, but also to peel or even as a cleaning brush! How convenient is that! And all this at the touch of a button.


    ✅ Save time, money and space
    ✅ Less effort and faster cooking
    ✅ Super easy preparation of dishes & smoothies
    ✅ The EasyCutter™ replaces up to 4 devices
    ✅ Comfortable handle
    ✅ Easy operation at the touch of a button
    ✅ Chop and slice in seconds
    ✅ Integrated cleaning brush

    The EasyCutter™ replaces up to 4 devices

    Imagine having to separately buy a meat grinder, a vegetable slicer, a peeler and an electric cleaning brush?

    With the EasyCutter™ you can replace all four, saving you time, money and space when chopping and slicing all kinds of food!

    Cut evenly instead of chopping

    With the EasyCutter™, fruits and vegetables are evenly cut into small pieces to maintain the crunch effect, so you can enjoy healthy meals every day.

    Chop all food

    The EasyCutter™ cuts everything from onions to garlic cloves without physical effort. The 100% stainless steel blades chop and chop all vegetables, herbs, fruits and even nuts in seconds.

    Practical filling opening

    You can easily add any ingredient through the filling opening without having to open and close the lid every time.

    Integrated cleaning brush

    A cleaning brush is also included, so you can maintain your set after every use! This saves a lot of time on preparation and cleaning!

    Easy to rinse

    Fill the tank with water and detergent and press the on/off switch to start automatic self-cleaning.


    • Material: ABS+PP+PC+ stainless steel
    • Dimensions: 20.5 x 9.5 x 8.0 cm
    • Motor power: more than 40W
    EasyCutter™ | Cut fruit and vegetables quickly and easily

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