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    12-in-1 Multi VEGGIE CUTTER PRO™ | Easy cutting in seconds

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    Do you want to spend less time cutting?

    Then we have the ideal solution for you! Meet the ultimate kitchen gadget for both home and professional chefs: the 12-in-1 Multi VEGGIECUTTER PRO™!

    Easily prepare your favorite healthy and varied meals. Think of salads, fruit cocktails, smoothies, vegetable pastas, soups and more!

    No more unnecessarily long in the kitchen
    This innovative tool is designed to make meal preparation faster, easier and more efficient. You can cut all your fruit and vegetables in seconds!

    Lasts for years
    Made of high quality materials so that you can enjoy this device for years to come and will save you time. After use, you can easily throw everything in the dishwasher, so you don't have to spend time on this either ;).

    Salad, stir fry or soup?
    Whether you're making a salad, stir-fry or soup, this 12-in-1 Multi VEGGIECUTTER PRO™ has you covered. Save time and effort in the kitchen with this versatile and handy tool. It is the perfect kitchen aid par excellence .

    Easy help in the kitchen and that saves you time
    Kill two birds with one stone with a professional vegetable slicer with multifunctional collection container! This device is specially designed to cut vegetables faster and better.

    You also have less mess in the kitchen, because everything is collected in one container. You can choose from 6 different cutting shapes, so you always cut vegetables exactly to size. This way you have more time for the household or your favorite
    series. ;-)

    ✅ Prepare your favorite dishes in an instant.
    ✅ Cut your fruit and vegetables faster and save time.
    ✅ Make less mess with the spacious container.
    ✅ No more tears when cutting onions.
    ✅ Easy to clean.
    ✅ No more cutting your hands.

    Everything you need is included
    With the various slicing and slicing attachments you can easily dice, chop, julienne and grate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The mandolin attachments include a julienne slicer, a straight slicer, a fine grater, a coarse grater, a fine shredder, a coarse shredder, a wavy slicer, a straight chopper, a wavy chopper, a small cuber, and a large cuber.

    Package contents:
    • 1 hinged and removable cover
    • 1 cut guard
    • 1 small cube cutter of 7 x 7 mm
    • 1 large cube cutter of 14 x 14 mm
    • 1 fine grater of 3 mm
    • 1 coarse grater 4 mm
    • 1 grid knife
    • 1 blender blade
    • 1 strainer
    • 1 hand guard
    • 1 cleaning brush
    • 1 drip tray
    • 1 cutting blade holder

    • 1 protein separator

    24 × 10 × 7.5 cm
    plastic, stainless steel

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    12-in-1 Multi VEGGIE CUTTER PRO™ | Easy cutting in seconds

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